Paige, AL

Pure has shown me that I can be a world changer! God has given me gifts and talents to use for Him! I don't have to be scared or insecure! I'm free!

Lisa, GA

I have loved studying through Pure! Initially I began this study to see if it would be good for my girls to read. Instead, I found it changing my life!

Emily, FL

My small group started Pure, and I'm not much of a reader, but this book is so much fun! I am able to easily follow along and I'm finding all these cool scriptures!

Pure: A Teenage Girl's View Into a Lifestyle of Worship is a Bible Study directed at Middle School, High School, and College aged girls who  desire to go deeper in their walk with God. This 8 chapter study focuses on the idea that obedience is the highest form of worship by addressing the purity of our thoughts, speech, actions, dress, relationships, and hearts.


Hidden in God's word are sweet truths reminding you that you are a daughter of the Most High King.


This study is designed to help you discover God's plan for your life as He shows you the purpose and identity found in His love. "Pure" challenges girls to examine their lifestyle in light of God's Word and through practical application of scripture, prayer, and fasting.


We hope to empower girls to bloom into the beautiful Women of God they have been created to be. 

my heart is to see a generation fall

head over heels in love with Jesus

This is designed as a ten week, intensive study on the personality of Jesus! Before you begin this study, wipe away every preconceived notion and religious stereotype you have ever had as you prepare to fall in love with the Author of Love, Himself!


The book you are holding in your hand Jesus Kisses may very well be the most encouraging book outside of God’s Word that you will read this year (and for several years to come for that matter). The status quo and the norms of the so-called “Christian” life are in for a major shock.


So many believers have bought into some misconceptions about what we have been invited into. We have not been invited into “do’s and don’ts”, we have not been invited into “behavior modification”, we have been invited into embracing a love that pursued us when we were far from Jesus; a love that we could never earn, and could never escape. Embracing that love does not lead us to “behavior modification” but rather takes us through an “internal transformation”!



As Tori so brilliantly illustrates in Jesus Kisses, we bring nothing to the table to “earn” or “deserve” this kind of love, but rather, the life of a Christ follower is more about a response to the love that came after us! After all, in 1 John 4 we are reminded that we love Him because He loved us FIRST!



I am challenged to the core by the pages that you are about to read. I am excited that you are diving into this much-needed book. I encourage you to come face to face with the truest love you will ever encounter. I know that your heart will be stirred again for your first love.” 



​    "I am a mother of two daughters and a grandmother of two granddaughters, one who is fourteen.  As I read through the manuscript of PURE, I thought of my fourteen year old granddaughter and said to myself, “Wow! A compelling book written by a young lady who is in touch with the real world.”

​     But this is more than a book.  It is a conversation with someone young enough to speak the language of a teen-age girl and yet be firmly founded in the Scriptures.  But it is more than a conversation.  It is a devotion guide, a workbook, and a prayer journal.

​After presenting the pure life as being central to a lifestyle of worship, author Tori Parris takes teen-age girls on a journey that puts thoughts, speech, actions, dress, and relationships in a package of a human heart.

​     Tori Parris is just one more proof that in every generation God raises up voices to cry out for absolute truth and purity of life, in a world of peer pressure and political correctness.

​As soon as this book is released I’ll put it in the hands and heart of my fourteen-year-old granddaughter.  There are thousands of daughters and granddaughters who need this kind of teaching. My husband and I highly recommend that every grandmother, mother, and daughter read this book as it exemplifies a lifestyle of worship that we as women of God have been called to live. "





Director of Women's Discipleship, Alabama. 

Peggy Culpepper

"In recent years I have traveled to Paris, France on several occasions.  Upon my first visit I was taken by this amazing city...the lights...the sounds...the beauty.  I am reminded of another Parris...Tori. 


Three years ago she visited me at The University of Mobile.  Tori lights up a room when she enters...her musical gifts are extraordinary...she sings, dances, plays several instruments, a wonderful artist and songwriter.  Her commitment to God is a blessing to all who know her and her smile is infectious.  We have met many times during her years as a student at UM.


  Recently Tori stopped by my office and introduced me to her newest project.  I was thrilled with her new devotional book PURE.  This beautifully written book will be a blessing as well as a challenge to young ladies as they grow in their faith and strive to live a lifestyle of worship. 


PURE will be a spiritual tool for ALL that read Tori's words.  I proudly recommend this new certainly will not be her last!  Beyond her beauty and many talents you will get to know her personally as you read PURE.  Tori lives out these truths herself making a difference in everything she does and in every place she sings and speaks. 

I am proud of you Tori Parris





VP/Executive Dean

Center for Performing Arts

University of Mobile

Mobile, AL

Dr. John Roger Breland